#how to get free tiktok coins fAUGl

tiktok is the most installed app this year so far beating the social media giant facebook that s the level of this app and this trend is getting better and better everyday the latest feature that they have added on their app is the usage of coins users can purchase these coins by using real cash there is a secondary way to get these coins and i ll tell you that a bit later now let me explain you how to buy coins using your real cash


the first and simplest way is to receive them as gifts users can send coins to someone else but you have to invest time and make content that will invite people to send you coins ask yourself is the time it takes to do that worth the small amount you d save

the more valuable your gift is the greater your chances of winning however nothing is guaranteed and even if you send many gifts there is still a chance that your tiktoker will be taken away from you by someone else

tiktok is very strict with moderating their platform and have been known to completely shut down and delete accounts that they suspect of hacking or cheating even if these tiktok coin generators systems worked they wouldn t be worth the risk

the good news is that numerous websites swear to give you thousands of free tiktok coins but the hard truth is are they safe are they trustworthy well some might be but some are indeed a scam bitterly some of the apps or websites can hack your tiktok account and collect all your personal data it can even get worse your bank and credit card information can also be leaked i do not assure that such ruthless circumstances will happen but yes the chances are high

examples of the emoticons which can be bought by tiktok livestream viewers are the panda for 5 coins italian hand 5 love bang 25 sun cream 50 rainbow puke 100 concert 500 i m very rich 1 000 and drama queen 5 000

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