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you might consider adding short slice of life type videos between your main videos this helps your audience know and understand you better alternatively you might make vlogs alongside your more niche specific ones


the tiktok coins club generator is one of the more infamous tiktok generator websites online and like all of the other websites and services that claim to give you free coins it should be avoided at all costs

there are numerous scam websites and apps that claim to give users hundreds or thousands of tiktok coins but all are usually online scams designed to either hack your tiktok account collect personal data or obtain your credit card and banking information

tiktok picked up where music ly left off and then rearranged things a little to make it more interesting whereas music ly was a platform where young people and young people could publish 15 second films of themselves lip syncing to beyoncé s latest hit tiktok has widened its reach to allow users to upload 15 second videos of themselves doing anything they wanted tiktok has become significantly more relaxed than it used to be sure some of it is mind boggling and some of it is disturbing but all of it is extremely addictive even if you re a little older than a child

the coins in tiktok are equivalent to real money because after accumulating a certain amount of coins the platform allows you to collect them and use them to purchase items with the money you earned

this also helps you better know your audience you re not making videos for yourself nor should you make a wide range of videos trying to keep everybody happy successful tiktokers make videos that they know their audience will love it is much easier to devote your attention to a particular group of people rather than just making random content

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